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The organization’s objective is to temporary help families that are having a hard time…  More…



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We offer front line and emergency services to families going through difficult situations… More…


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The kangaroo house

The organization’s objective is to temporarily help families that are having a hard time due to different causes: relational (divorce, separation), health (exhaustion / extreme tiredness, verdict of a serious illness, loss of loved ones), situational (new job outside of town), economic (job loss), etc.

Our first goal is to quickly remove the children from a stressful environment. The Kangaroo House uses a warm-hearted approach based on human values and community support to help families who are dealing with unexpected challenges.
The Kangaroo House will help families that are located on the island of Montreal and its surroundings.



Our services are available to all families with dependent children. The accommodation is offered on request to holders of parental authority. The initial purpose is to ensure the well-being of children throughout their stay, within its capabilities of accommodation.

Accommodation is offered for a period of 1 to 15 days, renewable if necessary. The children’s ages range is from 0 to 12 years old. Our services are available 24/7. In case of emergency, no notice is required when families need to leave their children at The Kangaroo House.
Accommodation for children include: care, three meals a day, snacks, organizing activities, homework assistance, help for medical conditions requiring children to take medication,  etc., provided by the organization itself through its qualified employees and volunteers. In regard to parents, the intervention plan is to offer them an information kit containing all available resources for their issues.
As a preventive measure and so that parents do not go back to their initial conditions, The Kangaroo House gives the parents the mission to seek help to solve their problems or at least to attenuate them while their children are being looked after.

The mission

The Mission of our organization is to offer front line and emergency services to children whose families are going through temporarily difficult situations. In addition to that, we support parents by referring them to other helpful resources.
The social purpose of The Kangaroo House is to offer services to improve the health and well-being of all families who are facing distress and temporary crisis.


We are currently accepting all monetary donations and items from individuals or businesses willing to contribute to The Kangaroo House’s mission.
The Kangaroo house  is an officially recognized organization for donation (849434907RR0001). 

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