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The Kangaroo House was officially launched in 2011. It is the first nonprofit organization in Quebec and Canada that provides primary care services and emergency accommodation for children whose parents are going through a difficult time.

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September, 6th, 2014

Maison kangourou: un répit pour parents à bout de souffle (FR)

Shattered by the Guy Turcotte murders, Josée Fortin has invested her time since 2011 to providing housing for children whose parents are going through temporary crises. She is showing us around her very first emergency center for children, which will open on September, 23rd in Montreal, while she’s already hoping to open others in other cities in Quebec.

Discover the video here.


August 2014

We are glad to announce a new partnership, with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart foundation. This partnership will alow us to complete the furnishing of the Kangaroo House before its upcoming grand opening. 

We would like to address our thank-yous to Jacques Lacasse in particular, from the St-Léonard Canadian Tire, for supporting our application to the Foundation and encouraging us along the way.



June 2014

The Kangaroo House is proud to announce the development of its partnership with Visa Desjardins. With both a human (employees donating their time to help finish the renovation work) and financial donation (10,000$ added to our existing donations), Desjardins re-affirms its support to our cause and participates once more in offering such an essential service to families. Read the announcement here (FR). 


May, 2014

The Kangaroo House gets an award!

It is with great pleasure that we wish to thank the ‘Réseau pour un Québec Famille’, that rewarded us with the 2014 ‘Coup de Coeur’ award. This award has been received from the Minister for the family Mrs. Francine Charbonneau, for the launch of the 19th edition of the ‘Semaine Québécoise des Familles’.


May, 2014

We are glad to announce we have received a donation of 5,000$ from the ‘Youth and Philanthropy Initiative’, held by the Collège Jean Eudes, in partnership with TD Canada Trust. Many thanks to the team that took part in this project and helped the Kangaroo House.



April, 2014

The Kangaroo House is proud to announce the Wal-Mart Hochelaga store has recently been added to our partners, thanks to its donation of bunk beds for our children’s bedrooms. Many thanks to them for their support and generosity!


April, 2014

The Kangaroo House is proud to announce the addition of the St-Hubert Foundation to its ever-expanding list of donors and partners. We would therefore like to thank St-Hubert for their generosity and welcome them on board!




March, 2014

The Kangaroo House would like to thank the whole team from Madame T for their precious help decorating the house. The renovation works are being wrapped up and we have therefore had the chance to benefit from these women’s expertise to furnish the children’s rooms.


 March, 4th, 2014

Flambeau Mercier-Anjoy – Article « Une nouvelle ressource pour les parents en crise  » (FR)

A first Kangaroo House will open in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (MHM). Good news for parents who are experiencing a difficult time, since they will be able to entrust their children, for the length of time needed to refocus and/or solve their temporary issues. Read the article here (FR). 


February, 2014

The Bétonel-Dulux store on 7725 Langelier just offered varnishes for all the floorings in the Kangaroo House! A huge thank you for their very valuable help! With the floors done, the next step is furnishing the children’s bedrooms.


October, 2013

The Kangaroo House acquires its very first house.

We finally have our very own house! It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have finally found the first Kangaroo House. The house, located in Montreal on Sherbrooke Street, is the first emergency center in Québec welcoming children 24/7 for parents experiencing temporary hardships. Read the newsletter here (FR).


September, 19th, 2013

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Mrs. Véronique Hivon, minister for Social Services and Youth Protection, has just offered financial contribution to the Kangaroo House to help us pursue our mission with children and their families.

April, 11th, 2013

The Kangaroo House aims to offer emergency accommodation services for children whose parents are experiencing temporary difficulties. The organization received $8,182 from the ‘Fonds Santé Sociale d’Opération Enfant Soleil’ for the fitting out of an outside play area. As of this date, the organization has received $32,982 from Opération Enfant Soleil. Read the press release here (FR).


March, 21st, 2013

TVA Nouvelles – Article « Drame de Warwick : La mère des enfants se confie à J.E. » (FR)

Nearly eight months after the murders of Karen and Lyndsey Brillant-Marcoux, killed by their father in Warwick, in the center of Québec, it is easier to understand the spiral of events leading up to the tragedy. Despite an inexcusable act, the alarm signals that might have allowed to avoid it now appear more clearly.

For the first time, as a part of the J.E. show, the mother, Nadine Brillant, agreed to talk in details about the events preceding the tragedy. Read the article here (FR).


January, 5th, 2013

Le Journal de Montréal – Article « De plus en plus dépassés » (FR)

Phone aid services note an increase in the number of calls.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of their task, more and more Quebecer parents call out for help to phone aide services to help resolve their family crises. Read the article here (FR).


December, 15th, 2012

La Presse – Article « Parents en crise, familles au bord du gouffre » (FR)

Many parents need help, but few receive any. Because they are alone, because they are afraid of being reported or because they do not hace access to the necessary resources. An encounter with parents who have experienced close calls.

Monica* had it all planned. She was going to lock herself up in the bedroom, open the propane bottle and lay down in bed with her four children against her. “We would have left while sleeping, all together”, says the young mother. At the last minute, she changed her mind. Read the article here (FR).


December, 17th 2012

Fondation TEL-JEUNES – Article « LigneParents préoccupé par l’augmentation des appels et la difficulté vécue par les parents »

After the article “Parents au bord du gouffre”, published in La Presse (December, 14th, 2012), LigneParents supports the Kangaroo House’s analysis regarding the lack of resources for parents, as well as the difficulties to access temporary relief resources. Read the article here (FR).


December, 4th, 2012

La Presse – Article « Les organismes réclament plus d’aide pour les parents »

Following the Drumondville tragedy, many nonprofit organizations that help distressed parents condemned the lack of resources for families experiencing difficulties in Québec… “It takes emergency centers everywhere in Québec, whose door parents can knock on 24h a day and say it is not alright, that they need a break and for their children to be taken care of”, says Josée Fortin, from the Kangaroo House… Read the article here (FR).


November, 18th, 2011

Investment of the RISQ in the Kangaroo House project

It is with great pleasure that the ‘Réseau d’Investissement Social du Québec’ (RISQ) announces a substantial investment in the Kangaroo House project, the first organization in Québec that aims to offer first line and emergency housing services for children. Read the article here (FR).


Josée Fortin

July, 12th, 2011

La Presse – Article « Mettre ses enfants à l’abri… de soi »

In a crisis situation, who can overwhelmed parents entrust their children with? The question has been brought up over the last few months. To answer parents’ despair and protect the children, a PhD student in community health imagined the Kangaroo House, that will take care of children for a few hours or a few days, until their parents are feeling better.

Emergency resources for parents and children in crisis, Christine Simard, author of the blog MammaMiiia, does not know any. “I do not know if there are any, but I personally do not have any that is available to me. In light of the recent family tragedies, I was actually wondering: does a parent have any resort to protect a chil from him/herself?” Read the article here (FR).


July, 12th, 2011

Ici Radio-Canada – La Maison Kangourou (FR)

Listen to our interview with Radio Canada


July, 7th, 2011

The Gazette – Article « ‘Safe house’ in works for families in crisis »

“Who will protect the children?” Isabelle Gaston asked outside the courthouse after ex-husband Guy Turcotte was found not criminally responsible for stabbing to death their two children. That’s what it’s all about – protecting the children, said Josée Fortin, whose resolve to create a “safe house” for children from families in distress came to a head as the gruesome details of the Turcotte trial unfolded.

This week, the Montrealer assembled her team of administrators and had her lawyer file government documents seeking non-profit status for Kangaroo House, a pilot project to be launched for children of exhausted parents facing unbearable stress.

Kangaroo expects to provide temporary accommodations for kids and respite to parents in crisis. Read the article here.


July, 11th, 2011

La Presse – Article « Une maison de répit pour vous et moi »

It will be called the Kangaroo House. Objective: to offer, from a few hours to two weeks, a break to parents who are at the end of their rope. To families in crisis, for any and all reason: break-up, death, or simply exhausted. Do you remember? Read the article here (FR).


Fonds Marie-Soleil Tougas d’Opération Enfant Soleil

The Kangaroo House offers an emergency and first-line housing service for children whose parents are facing temporary difficulties. This organization has received $24,800 from the ‘Fonds Marie-Soleil Tougas d’Opération Enfant Soleil’ for the acquisition of furniture and equipment to accommodate children. The children will therefore be able to enjoy a warm and safe environment.


April, 11th, 2012

Le Plateau – Article «Une maison pour rebondir »

We can never know what life has in a store for us. When everything seems fine, only a slight change can change it all. As it so happens, these unexpected turns of events are hard to cope with, especially as a parent. In order to avoid losing control, it is sometimes necessary to take a break. For this purpose, the Kangaroo House will soon open a relief service for overwhelmed parents to help them start again on the right foot. Read the article here (FR).


Free entrance for Espace pour la Vie


We would like to thank the City of Montreal who generously offered free entrance to our families to visit the Biodome, Insectarium, Jardin Botanique and Planetarium in the program Espace pour la vie during the week of the Quebec families.

A big thank you to Camp Val Notre Dame offered this year reductions for a summer holiday to many Quebec families.

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Individuals or organizations wishing to donate to the The Kangaroo House are welcome to contact us. Our goal this year is to help supporting as many families as possible who are dealing with temporary and difficult situations. 

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We offer support and help to parents in need. Read More