Good day,

To whom it may concern
This is to testify to the help, advice and listening offered to our family by the Kangaroo House. Last fall, Mrs. Fortin, through the Kangaroo House, helped us obtain food aid (groceries at Metro), donated La Ronde tickets for me, my spouse and my disabled daughter. In addition, she listens, helps and advises us when we are going through more difficult times, both on a family and financial level. Our family is very grateful for all that Kangaroo House has given us and continues to give us.
Community organizations that provide personalized help like the Kangaroo House are rare and of great importance in our society. On the other hand, it must be said that grants and funding which are essential to the continuity and proper functioning of such organizations are increasingly difficult and rare to obtain. It is my turn to ask you to provide funding to the Kangaroo House, which is facing certain challenges and is therefore in great need of your help.
Please receive my sincere thanks and best regards in advance.