I had to return to the lac St-Jean to settle the legal papers and not having any resources, or relatives in the region, I did not know what to do. Not wanting to bring my kids back there, because it was all bad memories and more crises that never ends. So, my social worker told me that she knew an organization that provides 24/7 emergency child care services for children day and night for at least two days! She reassures me and tells me that Mrs. Fortin is a good person and that she has confidence in herself. So I accept and we call her so that we can bring my children for the two days I need!
It was two memorable days for my four children and it has been a long time since they last had such an amazing day!! Do you understand that when we live in violence our life is turned upside down and that we stop smiling?
Years go by and my children get older and have learned over time to trust and the frustration decreased. They do not forgive their father’s gesture, but they learn to accept it! They grew up in this context, but I can see that these future kind adults will have a great critical thinking and they respect each other in their choice! I haven’t worked from 2012 until 2019 to devote myself to them and to reconstruct myself and them too.Today I work and have a good salary and my children are grateful for what I have given them in the past. Now it’s a new life opening up to them with financial ease. They have good behavior, are happy and proud of their mom for what she has had to go through for them! Me as mom I am proud of what they have become and will become in the future! Just a word for moms and dads who are in the dark right now. The sun will come back and everything will be beautiful and beautiful again! I encourage you to go and consult and use the services of The Kangaroo House to be able to breathe and think better!! Even today, years later, I can still count on the organization. In particular, most recently in 2020 during the pandemic, I received help for my children’s with the school year starting.Knowing that our children are safe it helps so much to think. Then we can move forward in the right direction! Courage and always be happy despite the pitfalls! From a mom who was out of breath and who managed to succeed and especially with the help of The Kangaroo House who gave me a big hand to move forward!