Good day,

Thank you for the support you gave me after the domestic violence. You offered me your services in the past because I was out of breath…(I was hiding domestic violence from everyone.) The CLSC Saint-Michel in Montreal had told me about your emergency centre. I wanted to take my son there to help me get back on my feet and make a game plan to deal with this violence and also with my health. You had told me that your house had suffered a disaster and that you were no longer taking children, except that you never gave up the situation! You had offered me a night in a hotel with my son, which I did. I didn’t mention the violence, but I told you in general about the fact that I was no longer able to play my role as a mother. It may have been just a hotel night for you or for an ordinary person, but for me it was a time when I could calm down. That night I had my son with me, which is ironic because I wanted a break. We had fun in the hotel and we were able to see things from a different perspective. I had reconnected with my son, which allowed me and my son to be a team a few months later. I found the strength to leave his father in the midst of the COVID crisis, simply because I found the strength to take care of my son and say enough is enough. His father left me in misery, with no clothes, no furniture and no toys. I cried and I regretted it! I wanted to come back, but I called you back and you gave me toys for my son and clothes for him and me. In the midst of that tornado, I was and am still sick. I have severe endometriosis which is blocking my left kidney and my liver is failing. I need to get injections every three weeks to keep me going, despite the COVID crisis. The doctors want to proceed to a surgery and you continue to support me so that I don’t have to go backwards. It’s easy to give up, but you help me get up and move forward.
Thank youuuu, thank youuuu, thank youuuu