What an extraordinary and memorable encounter!

As founder of The Kangaroo House, and accompanied by Sister Annette Coutu, s.p. I had the honor of meeting this year the great Dr. Patch Adams. Yes yes, the real one.
What an extraordinary and memorable encounter! Thank you, Dr. Patch Adams, for welcoming us so generously and for your support to The Kangaroo House.
Allow me to share with you these beautiful moments during this holiday season that give us hope for a better world. It was a dream for me to meet this great doctor and character who devoted his life to the most deprived of this world and all this with a smile. His story is fascinating, and it is also told in a film called Patch Adams played by actor Robin Williams.
I have always been fascinated by people who make a difference in this world for people who are going through difficult times like The Kangaroo House does. Even at the age of 78, Dr. Patch Adams is still active. Moreover, he was going on a mission to Nicaragua with his wife and volunteers working for sick children. His head is still filled with plans about caring for his neighbor.
I invite you to watch the beautiful film of his life, full of humanity, compassion and hope. You will learn more about this man who experienced great difficulties, but who knew how to convert his suffering and put it at the service of humanity. Long life to those great visionaries who knew how to build their lives around stories of the heart.