The Kangaroo House offers listening and referral services and help through its various emergency funds while directing parents to organizations likely to help them in the longer term. Our social goal is the improvement of family health and well-being.

Our various emergency funds allow us to meet the needs of families. Anyone with one or more dependent children aged 0 to 12 can benefit from our services 24/7.

Our families go through various family issues throughout the year, and our emergency funds allow them to resolve or alleviate these issues and get back on the road after they’ve weathered life’s great storms.

In the long term, we want to open a house in each of the 17 administrative regions of Quebec. In the meantime, we are announcing that The Kangaroo House will become mobile during the year 2024/2025 to promote our services.

Skippy’s Funds

Our little brother Skippy holds in his paws an envelope containing the emergency funds for families facing mental health problems, domestic violence, exhaustion, distress, etc. It offers emergency accommodation through our hotel network.


Joey’s Funds

Little Joey’s funds allows to pay for childcare costs in case of illness or for any emergency hospitalization. He searches in his small pocket for some money to offer childcare at home or for specific childcare cases in external services.


Mommy Boomer and daddy Flyer’s funds

This fund helps families get emergency supplies. Mommy Boomer and daddy Flyer’s door is wide open. They work hard to furnish emergency assistance such as food aid, clothes, toys, baby formula, baby diapers, strollers etc.


Wallaby Funds

Our little cousin Wallaby offers a punctual support for an emergency lodging or to avoid eviction. Very imaginative and empathetic, our cousin Wallaby can also materialize a wish for children who have suffered exceptional family difficulties.


Wallaroo Funds

Our wonderful Uncle Wallaroo take care of the relaxation and well-being of the the family in order to give some sunshine and a boost of energy. In this regard, this funds is used to pamper and offer a family vacation camp, a stay overnight in a hotel or for recreational and sports activities for children.


Who are these emergency funds for?

  • To families going through a rough time. See the conditions for emergency assistance directly with our charity.
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